With over two decades of experience as an independent artisan specializing in crafting fine jewellery in downtown Toronto, Aaron Daniel offers an experience like no other. Our commitment to co-creation ensures that each piece is masterfully handcrafted to reflect your individuality and style. Experience artistry, passion, and an unparalleled dedication to service at Aaron Daniel.


A Timeless and Elegant Piece


As a gift to celebrate a special occasion or something to celebrate yourself, a diamond bracelet is a timeless and elegant piece that never goes out of style. These bracelets are cherished as treasured possessions throughout generations, serving as family heirlooms, valuable investments, and sentimental keepsakes. With their enduring appeal and classic design, diamond bracelets are an ideal choice for those seeking a piece of jewellery that will be in style forever. 

This is why selecting the right jeweller to craft your special piece of jewellery is crucial. We understand this at Aaron Daniel and ensure that we create an exceptional and unparalleled piece of jewellery.

Aaron Daniel
Diamond bracelet

A Promise of Unwavering Integrity


Integrity stands as the cornerstone of our core values when it comes to crafting custom diamond bracelets. We recognize that each client possesses unique aspirations and desires, which is why we take a personalized approach, tailoring our craftsmanship to meet their individual needs. 

When you trust Aaron Daniel with the creation of your diamond bracelet, rest assured that it will be crafted with unwavering care and attention to detail. The result is a truly extraordinary and significant piece of jewellery.

Diamond Bracelet

We Guarantee Quality Work

We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality diamond bracelets. We source premium quality mounts from around the world to ensure a variety of unique styles sure to impress! We recognize that this timeless piece should exude elegance but also possess the durability to withstand daily wear over time. With our commitment to craftsmanship, we guarantee exceptional workmanship in every bracelet we create.

To ensure your complete satisfaction, we offer a thorough process that begins with detailed sketch concept drawings. Using advanced modelling software, we provide you with high-quality renderings that bring your custom-made jewellery to life, allowing you to envision the final design with clarity and confidence. 

Our dedication to quality extends beyond the design stage. We inspect each piece of jewellery multiple times during the production process, ensuring accurate sizing, detail and thehighest level of finishing. We use only top-quality metals and diamonds to craft your bracelet, ensuring longevity and durability. 

At Aaron Daniel, we take immense pride in delivering a superior finished product that exudes both elegance and longevity. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we stand behind our work with absolute confidence. That is the Aaron Daniel Guarantee.

Let Us Create Your Everlasting Piece of Jewellery

Contact us at Aaron Daniel at 647-497-7558 or hello@aarondaniel.ca to book an appointment for your diamond bracelet at our downtown Toronto location.